Today Only: 31% off a 3D Printer!



If you think it would be fun to have a 3D printer, head over here to get one for 31% off! You’ll pay $619.99 instead of $899.99.

Check out the specifics:


  • “Fabricates parts up to 8 x 9 x 10 inches (H x W x D) in size or 720 cubic inches in volume
  • Prints layers up to a maximum resolution of 100 microns
  • Fabricates parts using 1.75-mm ABS, PLA, t-glase, lay wood, HIPS, and flexible filament (sold separately)
  • Heated print bed prevents uneven cooling and warping of printed parts
  • Automatic calibration and bed leveling ensures precise prints”

It comes with a warranty and gets some pretty good reviews!


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