Save Huge on a Highly Rated Ghost Adventure Tour in Jerome!



Halloween is creeping up fast and this deal could really get you in the spooky spirit. Head over here to get a Ghost Adventure Tour for 2 for $53 (usually $90) or for 4 for $88 (usually $180). The extra savings end tonight.

Check out the details:

“Jerome, Arizona, started as a copper mine on a rocky outcrop in 1876. Over the next few years, churches, railroads, and schools sprang up along the side of Cleopatra Hill, forming a small town that still flourishes to this day. But in that long history, this mining town saw its share of fascinating and dark events. Ghost Town Tours takes groups through the historic and mysterious places in Jerome, sharing stories about what it was like to be a miner at the turn of the century and exploring the spooks that still haunt its streets. Tours stop by Jerome’s first radio station, the remains of two local mines, the “sliding jail,” and the haunted high school, where kids get to go home early once it starts raining ectoplasm.”

The reviews are fantastic!


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