Last Chance to Get $30 Bonus from Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)!

Reminder: The $30 Rakuten bonus (3X their normal $10 bonus) ENDS 5/1! It you’re not already a member of Rakuten (formerly Ebates), head over here to join now and you’ll get a huge $30 bonus after you make your first $25 purchase through the site (full disclosure, I’ll get a bonus too that will help keep the site going…THANK YOU).

It is truly SO EASY. There are thousands of stores available. Let’s say you were going to buy a pair of Nike shoes from You would go to Rakuten first, search for Nike, and click “shop now”. Today you would get 12% back of your purchase into your Rakuten account AUTOMATICALLY (plus your $30 bonus if you’re new).

Rakuten is taking the advertising fees from these companies (that they pay to Google and lots of other sites) and sharing them with you. If you shop online a lot it could be literally hundreds of dollars a year! Please share! It can literally add up to hundreds of dollars a year if you do a lot of online shopping.

I have been using Rakuten (formerly Ebates) for years and years. Head over here to check out their stellar BBB record.

No brainer!


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