Fun Father’s Day Gift Idea for Creative Dads…the Presto Pan Gogh! Just $28.94 at The Home Depot and Your Dad Could Give Jimmy Kimmel a Run for His Money!

If your dad would love to up his pancake making presentation, this could be a fun Father’s Day gift. Head over here to pick up the Presto Pan Gogh at The Home Depot for $28.94 (I saw the same thing at Walmart for $35.95, usually $49.99).

  • “Create pancake art with the PanGogh pancake art griddle
  • Griddle and templates are fully immersible and dishwasher safe
  • Includes nonstick templates and four batter bottles”

I remember being so impressed with the pancake art Jimmy Kimmel routinely makes for his kids, head over here to see some of his work.


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