Have You Heard of Dosh? I Just Got 6% Back Automatically from Staples and It Reminded Me This is One of the Easiest Ways To Get Cash Back!

I had a great surprise in my inbox today from Dosh…cash back from Staples! If you haven’t tried out the app yet, head over here to give it a shot.

The way it works is you enter your credit card number and they automatically credit you when you make purchases at stores giving card-linked offers. Today I got 6% back from Staples in my account. Recently I’ve gotten automatic cash back from Fired Pie, Adidas, Safeway, Walmart Grocery, Dunkin’ Donuts, Streets of New York, and other places around town (offers can change from day to day). They have an A+ rating with the BBB.

I am a fan of bonus cash back!


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