HOT! Get a 4 Quart Pro Series Air Fryer for $39.99 (Save $30) Today! My Air Fryer is My Favorite New Cooking Tool!

I have to be honest I was late to the air fryer party. I have an Instant Pot and I know so many people LOVE them but I’ve been a bit nervous about pressure cooking. I tried it once and the release took way longer than I thought it would. I know I need to give it another shot, if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate them!

I figured if I had an air fryer, it would sit around in the drawer just like my Instant Pot. I finally broke down and got one when I had Kohl’s cash to use and it is INCREDIBLE! I have used it literally every single day since it arrived! We’ve used it for zucchini and brussels sprouts but I can’t wait to try more things! It adds crispiness and flavor that I was NOT expecting.

I was so happy to see this Bella Pro Series 4 quart version on sale today only (1/4) for $39.99 at Best Buy. Head over here to get yours, shipping is free or you can pick it up in-store.

Check out the reviews, they are almost exclusively 5 star!



  1. I love my IP! I make eggs, cook whole potatoes (easy to peel after cooking, to make potato salad, pan fried potatoes, mashed..) rice, steam hot dogs..

    Check out these sites (I’ve made these dishes-fabulous!)

    The easiest Yogurt!!! Tastes great! (I don’t add the condensed milk, trying to cut back sugar. This yogurt is thick and rich. I sub it for sour cream. I use the Fage yogurt for the 1 tablespoon of yogurt required for this recipe- I highly recommend you try it)

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