Score Any Size AJ’s Iced Tea for Just $1 EVERY DAY Through 8/30/22! LOVE!

I’m all about helping other people “live life better for less” and one thing that definitely makes my life better is AJ’s iced tea. They’re offering $1 teas for the rest of the summer (through 8/30)! Head over here for more information on their facebook page (and please follow Alicia’s Deals on facebook while you’re at it).

My personal favorite is the Coconut Pineapple Green Tea with a lemon slice. It’s unsweetened and has a slightly tropical flavor. I used to drink Diet Coke all day, every day, and when I switched to AJs tea over a decade ago it’s amazing how much better I felt! My children know me well and got me a refillable AJs Yeti Mug for my birthday…best gift ever!

I always call it “iced tea” and learned something new today on “Iced tea and iced coffee may eventually go the way of iced cream, which would mean some kicking and screaming (in the style of usage commentators, which is admittedly pretty tame). We have only to note how things changed between Richard Grant White’s 1871 Words and Their Uses, Past and Present and Frank Vizetelly’s 1906 A Desk-book of Errors in English. While White bemoaned how both ice-water and ice-cream had “[b]y mere carelessness in enunciation … come to be used for iced-water and iced cream,” Vizetelly identified both as “so firmly established that it is doubtful if they will ever be changed.” A few decades from now we may all be fully expecting ice tea at our lemonade stands.”

Do you call it ice tea or iced tea? According to AJ’s post the hashtag is “nationaliceteaday”. All I know is however you spell it, it’s absolutely wonderful (and full of antioxidants)!

Thanks so much for sending this over Alison!

Enjoy and I hope I’ll see you at AJ’s!

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